Redwood Forest Elopement

It’s been hard to put words to this.

When Lauren & Christian first reached out with their elopement idea we thought for sure it wouldn’t work out; matching schedules, adding flights, and traveling to this magical place wasn’t going to be an easy feat.

But just when we thought we were laying the dream to rest, we got an email.

“Brad & jen… we looked around for a closer wedding photographer, but there was no competition. We kept going back to your photos and getting sucked into looking at them all over again. We’re in. Let us know what’s next!”

This wasn’t our first time to the redwoods nor the lighthouse. In fact we had seen one the best sunset of our lives 4 years earlier at Point Cabrillo but this time was different.

It felt quieter.

As if the redwoods, who had seen more sunrises and sunsets then all of us combined, were listening as Christian and Lauren made forever promises.  The trees moved and breathed and allowed the sun show it’s face and hide again behind the branches. This was a sacred space and watching two people become one among giants really woke us up.

We were witnessing history in the midst of creation’s history. Trees that were weathered and wise from years of growth in the sun and the rain.  We didn’t speak much. We just listened and let these two souls soak in their promises and the beginning of something much, much bigger than them.

This is a day we will never forget.

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