Our Honeymoon

Finally, right?  Some shots from our AMAZING honeymoon in Riviera Maya, Mexico.  Leave some love.

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  1. You guys look amazing!!! So happy for you :) the honeymoon looked like a lot of fun! hope to see you guys again soon!!!

  2. No matter how much you stretched the pictures or edited or eyed us from upside-down, you are two beautiful people recognizing and spreading the JOY! Thank you for letting us in on the fun. Much LOVE, G’ma Lucy

  3. What a wonderful exotic honeymoon location, couldn’t imagine a better place for my favorite newly wed couple to relax and enjoy!! Love you guys!!

  4. You two look like you are off to a great start! First, the beautiful wedding and then an amazing honeymoon. We wish you every happiness and a long, happy marriage!

  5. Love the pictures! So glad I got to see you two this past weekend. Feel free to come to New York whenever you please.


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