Lindey + Ben Engaged

They met at Opryland Hotel of all places.  Both in the retail market of high fashion, Ben and Lindey have traveled the world and moved over 1,000 miles in the last year!  Needless to say, they have some stories.  They have moved, they have learned, but more than anything, they have loved.  What an awesome and inspiring experience it was to capture that love (and their incredible style).  Stay tuned for their wedding this November at Crown Winery in Jackson, TN!

Fun from the Holga:

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  1. We love these pictures! They are outstanding! We wish you both the very best. We Wish we had some pics like this before we got married 28 yrs and 357 days ago. We Love You guys

  2. Brad and Jen- Thank you for doing justice to the LOVE Lindey and Ben share. Your photos captured their rare and genuine find! From one close friend of theirs to another thank you for using your gift to celebrate them!

  3. you guys are amazing! this is what getting married is all about…making memories with the one you love and having friends around you to feel that love. words cannot express the experience we had while making these pics. we are so blessed to have you in our life…not only as our friends but two amazing photographers. much love.


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