Nashville Riverwood Mansion Wedding

Chris sat down on the upholstered club chair in the den of their Riverwood Mansion Wedding and set Cassidy’s gift in his lap, took a deep breath, and paused.

“Man…she’s amazing,” he said.

He stared at the wrapped gift and exhaled as if he wanted to feel every ounce of the moment – love, anticipation, excitement, gratitude, and readiness.

The moment embodied so much of what we love and respect about Chris – someone who moves through life with such intentionality, a man whose heart seems effortlessly grounded to truth, and who shares a zest for life that inspires so many.

And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, Chris meets her. A girl bright with energy, creativity, enthusiasm, and an endearing goofiness that perfectly compliments Chris’ ever present joy.

But the best part about these two is that their God given gifts aren’t reflected back onto themselves, but onto their Maker – they overflow onto their family, their friends, and celebrate life with creativity and a genuine love that’s so fierce it seems tangible.

And on this day – everyone felt it, everyone celebrated it, and everyone participated in the union of two incredible souls who committed their lives and hearts to the mystery and beauty of marriage.

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