In Home Session

Before Cannon and Brooke left for a weekend of wedding plans and endless meetings in Nashville they were given a small note from a friend that read, “Just keep the main thing the main thing.”

Man we love that line —  so simple, so powerful, so sobering.

We were lucky enough to spend an afternoon together while they were visiting and the best part of it all was that Brooke & Cannon didn’t show up for pretty images — they were there to keep love in front of their conversations, to honor their relationship in it’s infancy, and to share in the excitement of what lies ahead.

In the end we were left with a handful of precious moments that capture the beginning of their legacy and continual reminders of keeping the main thing the main thing.

“After our very first date the electricity was undeniable. I wanted to bring up every subject I’ve ever discussed with anyone and rehash each topic with Cannon. I loved his views, his opinions, the way he articulated himself. The way he smiled with his entire body and his expressions punctuated his stories. I wanted to know everything. He charges me, he energizes me, I burn the brightest with Cannon.”

“The reason I cannot live without Brooke is because she makes me the best version of me. I’ve never had so much clarity about the things that matter in life. I’ve never felt so confident in my work and in my ability to be a friend and a husband for her. I can’t live without her because if I had to I wouldn’t be me.”

“Our love is still so young but it is powerful. Since we’ve met, the overwhelming and almost reverent statement my friends give cannon is, “you just make brooke SO happy”. Now I’ve always been a happy person – but loving Cannon and becoming “us” has truly transformed us individually into the very best versions of each other. We feel and treasure our love of course, but it’s incredible to think that it is radiating so much that others are taking notice as well, that we’re leaving impressions.  We’ve had reactions from others who have taken notice ranging from the people at the concessions stand at concerts and hockey games, uber drivers, to colleagues. I know this is blabbering a bit but I know – as we marry, as we build a family and continue this adventure in our future our love will only grow, deepen, strengthen – but I also want to remember how bright and brilliant it was in its infancy, how truly special and lucky we both were to walk into the right bar on the right night to create a love that not only transforms who we are as people but that brings impact to others as well.”

“I want his evergreen scruff and the millions of little whiskers that will pepper our bathroom sink forever.

I want his corny jokes, his sincere compliments, and midwestern manners.

I want his determination and drive to constantly grow and improve in all areas of life.

I want his bad days, his frustration at work.

I want his worries, I want to shoulder his struggles and calm his fears.

I want his smelly gym clothes, salty post-run kisses, and starbucks mornings.

I want to spend the rest of my life grumbling about our house being an igloo bc he runs warmer than me.

I want to live up to the image he has of me and earn the pride he has in who I am.

I want those blue eyes and freckles to look up at me in the faces of our children.

I want his kindness and his consideration, his joy, his outlook on life – because now it’s our life.”

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