April 9, 2020

Contigo Wedding – Katie & Ruben – Austin, TX

If you’re a wedding photographer, I can place a bet that you’ve captured a wedding years ago that continues to bear fruit – couples and stories that have found you or connected with that one Saturday you spent capturing moments that have forever left impressions on your heart.
For us, it was 2013 in the north suburbs of Chicago. Matt and Ester came to us as strangers and became fast friends over the course of their engagement and beyond. Their wedding (which you can view here) has connected us to so many incredible souls and meaningful stories.
Which is why we’re now here, sharing this day with you.
Katie, who found Ruben Dario Gonzalez “the freaking stud of the southwest” in Texas, reached out to us just 4 months prior to their wedding date. Once we heard “Ester, Texas, and Contigo” we were hooked…and boy were these two a gift.
If we could sum up Ruben & Katie as a couple… picture yourself on a lawn chair on a perfect summer day, birds chirping, light breeze, and the only clouds in the sky are jet streams that remind you that in the midst of your complete contentment, the world is still moving…they feel like that. They feel like home.
Katie’s abounding joy and Ruben’s calm steadiness made us feel like we’d known them for years and we were completely captivated by their spirit, their welcomeness, and love for one another.
And of course, shooting at our favorite restaurant in Austin, Contigo (meaning “with you” in Spanish), made this day that much more special.
Katie & Ruben, we have a well of love for you two and are so so grateful to have been chosen to document your day!  May these moments live in your hearts forever, they certainly will in ours.