we’re wildly uncertain how we were so lucky to meet these two and witness the journey to their wedding day.

but somehow….we did.

and now we have these images that we’re sitting on, looking back at, and finding ourselves in awe at the moments that happened.

there were friends and family from every season of ester and matt’s relationship helping the day come together. it was like we were witnessing their history come out in the service of their loved ones. the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, the parents, the cousins, the aunts and uncles, the church… everyone was there for ester and matt. not just to attend this wedding, but to witness the start of these two standing up and saying, “we’re all in together. forever”

all of this love… from all these people…. was welling in Matt’s tears and gleaming through Ester’s smile. because as much as this was the beginning of a new chapter, it was also the end of one.

which is why, now, Nashcago, their wedding theme, carries such enormous weight. the two cities (Nashville and Chicago) that brought Ester and Matt together. that grew their relationship. that birthed lifelong friendships. that hold special memories. are now behind them. and as they sit in their new home in Boulder, as husband and wife, they can look back on these images and know that God was truly present, and they are loved by so many.

Learn more about Matt // Learn more about Ester
Wedding Website: www.nashcago.com
Venue:  Private Residance / Barrington, IL
Creative Direction: Shauna Nyquist
Guest Book:  Wilco the Book
Signature Drink:  the Nashcago (cucumber infused gin, soda water, simple syrup, lemon juice)

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