Our time with Phil and Alicia felt like a deep breath of fresh air.  Driving up Guanella Pass wasn’t just an excuse to shoot somewhere pretty, we were entering a space to let go, to risk the weather for something great, and to intentionally acknowledge marriage after 10 years, 2 kids, and 2 moves.

We celebrated romance, but it was deeper than that. It was examining pain, reliving joy in memories, a conjuring of emotions and a strengthening of pursuit.

This day was well considered…and if there was anything we took away from time, it was a reassurance that the risk of marriage is worth every ounce of pain, joy, frustration, fun, mystery, redemption, healing, romance, confusion, hope, passion, and imperfection.

Not too long after our time together, Alicia sent us one of the most profound “thank you” notes we’ve ever received.  We don’t share this to boast, or exult, but to encourage you, that no matter who takes your images, find the courage to show up and be seen, to let go, and celebrate in rooted joy.


“Alright you guys. Consider this a handwritten note, not just an email.

We have to let you in, it’s too good not to share with you as we just cannot shake what happened last night. We cannot come home from it and just live our lives the same. Do you know the capacity of the work you’re doing?

We got in the car and wanted to do it all over again. It was beyond the photos. It was renewing in a way that caught us by surprise, completely off guard. You helped us carve out time to literally be one in us. It created time for us to crave Jesus in a whole new way. It allowed us to reflect on where we’ve been, where we are and where we’ve been led to go. We drove down the mountain speechless, staring into the dark in disbelief that God is so good. We went to bed numb yet so close. We woke up as a renewed husband and wife, renewed as parents. We’ve returned home feeling led to live life in a more full, more whole way– the way we’ve always believed in living this adventure.

Thank you. Perhaps you’ll never know what we’ve grasped in this experience. But know that you both have blessed us immensely. Thank you for living what you’re led to.” 

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