December 13, 2018

The Green Building Wedding – Brooklyn, New York – Hayley & Tim

We’re always trying to encourage our couples to dream about a day that feels like a reflection of who they are – interests, style, hearts, personalities, etc. You don’t HAVE to wear a certain kind of dress, buy a certain kind of cake, or use the same decor “just because” it’s all over wedding blogs.

This is your day to get creative, think outside the box, and invite your closest loved ones into a celebration of what makes you and your fiance so unique.

Hayley & Tim took this mindset and ran with it in such a fun way that had every guest leaving their The Green Building Wedding in Gowanus feeling like they knew a little more about the two of them.

Hayley (who loves magic… and we mean, LOVES magic) hired a freaking MAGICIAN (Gary Ferrar) to officiate their wedding to incorporate some fun into their ceremony. Gary even hung out after the wedding and entertained guest during cocktail hour with his mind blowing and effortless tricks – everyone ate it up.

Furthermore…they tipped their hats to their favorite sitcom, Arrested Development with an “Unlimited Juice” sign at the bar, served gourmet pizza from their favorite New York pizza spot (Roberta’s — if you don’t know about it, treat yo-self), and one of our favorites… a dessert waffle food truck in lieu of a traditional cake.

Fun, creativity, personality, and heart were no doubt at the top of the priority list for these two and it made their day so special and so memorable.

Here’s a handful of our favorite images!

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