September 18, 2015

Tennessee Waterfall Engagement Session

I keep looking at these images with this huge smile. Jen walked into the office this morning and asked while laughing at me, “Are you looking at Evan and Elyse’s images again?”


Sure, Elyse and Evan are beautiful people, but more than that, their energy and joy is almost palpable… it radiates from them as if it were this force to be reckoned with…and when we see love like this we think…Everyone should have this! This is what genuine love looks like. But these images are just a small reflection of a deeper truth and to fully grasp what we experienced at the foot of a waterfall, you have to hear it from straight from them…

“I think what is great about me and Evan, is that I’ve learned we COULD live without each other if we had to. But we choose not to, every day. I’ve learned that sharing things with him and hearing his perspective on everything in my life is so much better than anything else. But some qualities I love? He is super goofy and random, he really takes care of me and wants me to be happy, equal or more than his happiness, and he has really opened me up to new experiences and takes on the world…like being able to let things go, change my life, move, etc. I always respect his opinion on everything more than anyone else’s, he is so intelligent and practical and real

“I knew Elyse was different from anyone I had ever met from the first time we interacted. She completely impressed me with her confidence, intuition, presence, and her ability to get the things she wants. I was immediately attracted to her and everything about her. She challenged me and blew me away with how smart, compassionate, and insightful she was. We developed a relationship where most others would have failed as it was based on deep conversations and yearning for our next trip together. I couldn’t imagine a partner as enthusiastic, passionate, and well organized as Elyse :) She’s supportive, funny, and real.”

“…and real.”

What a compelling, confident, and sincere statement. This relationship that Even and Elyse share isn’t a facade or a love dependent on the other… it’s a love grown from respect, compassion, conversation, and trust.

And THAT is what we’re celebrating. THAT is why we make images during this time of engagement…to reflect the work that is being done, the foundation being built, and the love that inevitably inspires others.