Whatever it takes for you to show up, to let go, to breathe, to love your soul mate in front of a camera….do it!!

We’ll be the first to admit that being in front of a camera isn’t always the most comfortable at first (the first 10-15 minutes are always a little awkward..even for us). But remembering why you’re there…what brought you here…to this place…to this moment…it makes all the difference.

Kelli Lee + Devin undoubtedly showed up. They trusted us. They forgot about the camera and remembered that this place and this time had been waiting on them for their entire lives and ‘present’ was the only thing they knew how to be.

“Let us go to a place where no ones us and find our smiles. Let us go to a place where we can wander and find our laughter. Let us go to a place where we can find ourselves and find innocence. Let us go to a place where we call fall and find a love to catch us and take us to a place where only fools rush in.”


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