I’ll never be able to fully express what it’s like to step into the story of two people.  To ask two complete strangers to get in front of our lens, to be courageous enough to show the colors of their love, and to be vulnerable enough to talk about it. Tay and Zach were nearly strangers at 4PM…and by dinner time, we had shared stories, exchanged laughter, talked about truth, and most importantly, recognized the beauty of the season in their lives. The images almost became an after thought.  And because of their spunk, their characters, and fun personality… we were left with images that tell the story of who they are…and who they’re becoming.

nashville_wedding_photographer_001 nashville_wedding_photographer_002 nashville_wedding_photographer_003 nashville_wedding_photographer_004 nashville_wedding_photographer_005 nashville_wedding_photographer_006 nashville_wedding_photographer_007 nashville_wedding_photographer_008 nashville_wedding_photographer_009 nashville_wedding_photographer_010 nashville_wedding_photographer_011 nashville_wedding_photographer_012 nashville_wedding_photographer_013 nashville_wedding_photographer_014 nashville_wedding_photographer_015 nashville_wedding_photographer_016 nashville_wedding_photographer_017 nashville_wedding_photographer_018 nashville_wedding_photographer_019 nashville_wedding_photographer_020 nashville_wedding_photographer_021

See Images from Tay and Zach’s Nashville Wedding

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  1. I see ( my ) little girl in your face
    I see a beautiful young woman and wife-to-be in his arms
    I feel tears of joy on my cheeks


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