A Personal shoot with Matt + Aly

This fall has undoubtedly been the busiest season of our lives (..many of our close friends can attest to this, hehe). Although it’s been tough at times, we are so thankful for all that we’ve learned and all of the people who have welcomed us into their story. We’ve grown so much and couldn’t have done so without our couples!  This shoot happened to fall in the middle of 3 fall weddings and 3 lifestyle shoots, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  Matt and Aly are just friends, but they were kind enough to look amazing in front of the lens and allow Jen and I to grow in our voice behind the camera.  If you’re thinking they look like the perfect couple, we do too. SO… leave ’em some love, ‘like’ this post, and maybe…just maybe…we can all strike a spark :)

Want to see more pics? CLICK HERE:  Chicago Wedding Photographers

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