Brooks inherited the gift of words from his mother. And he’s damn good at it. He’ll tell it to you straight and he won’t miss a detail.

So this time we opted to let Brooks do the talking.

This was the email we received when Brooks and Ashley asked us to be their wedding photographer.

“Brad + Jen, we would be absolutely over-joyed and further, consider it a Blessing, to have you both there at beautiful Arrington on September 28th. To have you there to share what, after where we have come from, to get where we will be then, is going to be a day that signifies the unbelievable next step in a story of divine intervention.

For Ash, it has been more of a story of faith; of God truly testing her to “live out” what she has prayed, sang, and believed her entire life. For me, it is more of a story of redemption, a story of sanctification, a story where God vigorously sent the Holy Spirit after my heart like a man after his future Bride, cleansed my past, and brought a woman of God into my life and somehow blessed me with her favor (maybe it was the “Kevin Bacon” in me that tricked her) to show me what being in a relationship with a Woman of God actually looks like. I am tempted to type a Louise May Alcott’esque novel about this ‘story’ I keep referring to, but I will save that for another email, or over a cup of coffee (I don’t actually drink burnt water, but I would be happy to eat a Gluten-free scone while you drink that crap), or sometime else when we can continue to bring you into our lives building up to the big day.

It has all truly been a God-send how it has all come together, and we couldn’t be happier that is working out the way it is. I look forward to speaking to one (or both) of you tomorrow.”

Much love and grace,  Brooks

This is the story of Brooks + Ashley on the day they were married.

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