July 3, 2013

Jordan + Caitlin, Nashville Elopement

five years ago you could have never told us that’d we’d be shooting weddings. you couldn’t have told us how deep of an impact it would make on our lives.  how the couples we’d meet would inspire us to be greater. inspire us to serve one another. inspire us to look at life differently.

but it happened. and it continues to happen.

some days are hard but some days we wake up with an overwhelming sense of awe and gratefulness.  like this day.  when Caitlin and Jordan drove to Nashville to elope.

and despite the countless ways they could have created their wedding day to be, they chose to keep it simple, meaningful, unscripted, and perfectly intimate.

with a preacher and seven dogs, five goats, two horses as their witnesses, they read their vows, promised to give their lives to one another and were married.

the ceremony lasted ten minutes tops. but it was real. and it happened. and they cried. and they kissed. and we knew that we were witnessing something so profound, so vivacious, so unscripted that we couldn’t help but be moved.

we drove home that day, made a pile of things in our living room we no longer needed, and simplified. and then we did it again.

what an amazing reminder of love and simplicity they have to look back on.