August 28, 2019

Highlands Wedding – Maggie & John – Highlands, NC

Two years ago Zac and Michaella invited us to Highlands to capture, arguably, one of the more memorable weddings of the last few years. You can peep their wedding HERE. Ever since, this little town tucked in the mountains just east of Tennessee has become so special to Jen and I. It’s a place of respite – a quiet refuge full of beautiful flowing rivers, towering pine, and wildlife aplenty. It’s the Southeast’s Eden.

Needless to say, when Maggie (also a wedding photographer) asked us to join her and John here for their Highlands wedding we were, again, counting our lucky stars and so excited to get back.

Then, as if shooting in the Highlands wasn’t enough, John & Maggie blew us away with their relationship sharing so vulnerably how much love, admiration, and respect they had for one another. I won’t do justice to sharing in my own words so we’ll give you a glimpse through John’s words about Maggie…

“Maggie has this uncanny ability to play hard to get, even though she’s already agreed to marry me. It’s pretty incredible. I think what draws me to her is that I don’t think I’m ever going to fully understand or ascertain her, which is great, and simultaneously dumb that we sometimes go into relationships trying to ‘conquer’ the other person. Maggie is unconquerable. And that’s not to say she’s stubborn or isn’t fully committed to me, I think she’s both of those things. But even more so, I think she understands that relationships and love and marriage is the tale of two people journeying together, not a journey of one person to the other. Maggie is so great at reminding me that we’ve both invited each other along on our journeys, and that I’m not, and she’s not an end to the journey. She’s so wise. I think a lot of this stems from our Faiths (we both try and follow Jesus pretty passionately) and the realization that no matter how important we are to one another, we’ll never be the most important thing in each other’s lives. We will always have our higher callings and purposes that hopefully we help each other fulfill. And Mags is great at reminding me of that.”

This struck us so profoundly. Two hearts with a greater vision for their marriage outside of themselves, journeying through life together (as a team) and through their faith, making a greater impact on the world. Good grief, what an inspiration.

John & Maggie, THANK YOU for inviting us into a brief moment in your story. We were both so honored to have witnessed your love for one another, your respect of your families, and your connections with your friends. This is a day we’ll never forget.


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