We have a few things to say, but first, we have to give a warm thank you to Graystone Quarry who allowed us to roam their new property south of Franklin. The McEachern family is literally carving out an incredible space out of stone to host weddings, engagement sessions, and 5,000+ music lovers for an amphitheater experience sure to awe. We’re so excited. Check them out HERE!


We do our best to remind couples that when they show up for a session, they bring all of themselves – their joy, their pain, their past, their hope.

It’s not an easy thing to do, we’re aware of that. But just as we ask it of them, we hold ourselves to the same measure. How can they show up and be seen if we’re not willing to be seen ourselves?

It’s all an experiment, really. Pressing in, asking questions, and drawing out the deepest parts of our stories.

But what if you did show up? What if this hour with your other void of phones, responsibilities, and planning could draw you closer? What if you could learn more about each other, more about yourself, and lean into this season of your life? And at the end of it all you had images to remind you of what you felt, images that reflected who are, and who you’re becoming.

What if?

On this day, Nashville gave us a taste of her warm spring air. Pollen hadn’t blanketed our cars or infiltrated our nostrils. It was crisp, cloudless, still and set a beautiful stage for Mac and Sarah to show up.

And they did. They shared stories, leaned into moments, enjoyed stillness, and especially let their joy filled cups overflow into conversation.  These hours are gifts to us and we hope that the images reflect a collaboration, a comfort, and a connection that we strive to make with each of the couples we photograph.

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