April 22, 2014

Madi + Jared, Engaged

it’s so important to understand the context of an image….which is why we think words are so significant in marrying moments to story. because the images below could just be pretty pictures…but they’re not. they’re not even close…

without words you wouldn’t know that Madi showed up in her mother’s wedding dress…a green wedding dress at that….you wouldn’t know that the images were made on Jared’s family farm, the land where he proposed to Madi, where trees were planted in honor of lost loved ones, where so many memories have been made…and are being made.  you wouldn’t know that Madi couldn’t keep from squeezing Jared all day…and that when Jared spoke about marrying his bride…he would look at Madi, put his hand on the back of her neck, play with her hair and gaze with the most proud look.

what an honor to be there. to capture those moments. to freeze them and store them away for years down the road when Jared, a little more grey, is looking into the same eyes, on the same family farm where he asked the same woman to be his wife