September 28, 2017

Fountain Point Resort Wedding

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Goodness, where do we start?

This day at Fountain Point Resort was so deeply rich. A day when overwhelming love poured out from every single person – in feelings, in tears, and the beauty of words that flowed from the depths of their hearts.  A day when Annika & Andrew allowed themselves to feel, to be present, to be so overtaken by their love for one another that 50 pound tears fell without concern.  A day when vulnerability was embraced—surprise songs sung in front of an entire crowd during the ceremony, prayers of thanksgiving offered up, and words shared from the greatest depths during speeches.

We’ve witnessed many toasts in our time and it’s quickly become one of our favorite parts of the wedding day getting a deeper glimpse at who the couple is and where they come from.

And although we’ve heard several really, really great speeches… no speech has impacted us as much (or had everyone in the room openly weeping) like Annika’s father, Prakash’s.

There was so much about Prakesh’s words that were impactful, meaningful, and intentional on a whole other level. His story of faith, his years as a young man spent in a refugee camp, his deep joy and gratitude for the “village” or community of people who have helped raise his children, and of course – his love for his daughter.

Even thinking about it now, tears are welling up in my eyes and it’s hard to find more words. So instead of trying we’ll let a small portion of his speech speak for itself and how deep of a love these two hearts have grown from.


“If you take my beginning in a refugee camp surviving on one meal per day, and my “now” frame of reference, when I say “the best part of my world” you will know how much it means to me and how much she is loved.

The best part of my world is you, Annika.  

And Andrew, it’s the best part of my world that I give to you today. Knowing you for four years, knowing and seeing the village that raised you, seeing you shower Annika with your Mother’s nice-ness I’m proud to give my world to you.

Annika, I’m sure you know this. You’re also taking the best part of Amy & Dave’s world.

So I ask both of you to look after our world. Love and cherish our world.

Don’t mess it up.”