7 tips to get the most from your session!

There’s something magical about being able to capture two people, two hearts, and two stories joining together. To tell your story well, we need to know your story. To know your story, we need to know you! Engagement sessions are the perfect setting for you to get comfortable in front of the camera, a chance to slow down in the busyness of wedding planning, practice PDA, and a great way for us to get to know each other a bit before your big day. We want you to know you can trust us so that when we show up on your wedding day, we’re not just ‘the photographers’ …we’re Brad and Jen.

Here are our 7 tips for fostering connectedness with your partner and getting the most of your session!

1. Show Up 

We’re very laid back folks and we believe in making your session an experience to remember. We’ll laugh together, shed happy tears together, explore together, and celebrate this sweet and joyful time. Having said that, the joy and responsibility for getting meaningful photos doesn’t rest entirely on us. If you want photos that reflect your love, your uniqueness…you’ve gotta bring the love, the honesty, and the willingness to be vulnerable.

Think of the ways you love one another in your most intimate spaces. How do you interact? What jokes do you share?


2. Be yourselves

Every couple is unique. Ditch your your thoughts about what you *think* a shoot is supposed to look like and just be YOU.  Are you loud & silly? Quiet & introverted? Soft & romantic? We want to capture your truest selves in the moments you share together.


3. Enjoy the (whole) day

Think of your most ideal day together.  How do you spend it? The whole heart of a session is to capture your love, your uniqueness, and who you are in this season of your life. Make the day about celebrating that!  It’ll be hard to show up as your truest selves after a stressful day full of work and errands. Go out for brunch, take a hike, buy a piece of clothing that makes you feel good, and just ENJOY each other.  By the time you show up for the session you’ll be present, full of joy, and feeling connected.


4. Dress like you

Wear something that is “YOU,” something you’ll feel comfortable in and something that fits the environment (for example, if your session is taking place in the woods you probably wouldn’t want to wear heels)!

We always remind our couples that this time in your journey is sacred and you’ll never get it back.  Take it as an excuse to go shopping, order that dress that’s been sitting in your online cart for 2 months, or go get sized for the pair of Imogene + Willie jeans you’ve always wanted. Confidence is everything in photographs and we want you feeling good, comfortable, and dressed in something that makes you feel like your true self.


5. Forget the location & Focus on each other

The most important thing is slowing down, loving on one other, and having a great experience.  Sure epic locations are great, but you’d be surprised how amazing the most random little nooks or crannies can look when you add two people madly in love. We’ll find the great light, great backgrounds, and give you the amount of direction that you need as a unique couple.. but beyond that you’ve gotta love, laugh, have fun, ditch your reservations (even if that requires a glass of wine)…. and trust us.

Remember, you’re not just here for pretty photos. You’re here because you found one another, fell in love, and are committing to spend the rest of your lives together. Spend this time focused on each other and celebrating your love. The photos are just a bonus!


6. Present over Perfect

“Most people think that photographs are about the way you look, but they’re actually about the way you feel!”

You’re here because you value present over perfect, you love the feel of the wind on your face, the earth under your feet, and you don’t mind getting a little dirty if it means seeing a better view. Now, more than ever, is the time to embrace the imperfect – the feelings that make a moment feel real, rich, and memorable. We want you to remember how GOOD and IN LOVE  you feel, not how perfect your hair looked.


7. Unplug

Unless there’s a unique/family situation that requires you to have your phone on you, leave your phones in the car.  Taking an hour or two to love one another, truly look into the eyes of your partner, and create moments is worth every second of not being plugged in.  Gift yourself.  Leave the phones (and any other distractions) at home.


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