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We're not very great at having our pictures taken - how can you help?


Nearly every couple shares this concern before their wedding. We welcome this! It's our job to make you feel like yourselves and we have a decade of experience to do just that! We will give you all the guidance you need as a unique couple and the space to reflect when you need it most.

If you connect with our work and philosophy, reach out through the contact form and let’s start a conversation. We hope to connect with 10-15 couples each year so that we can fully invest excitement and care to each couple. To reserve your date, we require a signed digital contract and paid online invoice! WE can be booked up to 1 ½ years in advance.


Why do you get to know your couples?

While our digital cameras play a crucial and integral part of how we capture stories, film will always be at the heart of how we see and document the world. On wedding days and portrait sessions, we shoot a mixture of both digital and film images!

We believe the best photos are created within the context of a story - your story! We take the time to understand who you and your partner are and your journey towards falling in love so that we can make images that represent YOU! Your good sides, the way you hide your head in his chest, and all unique ways that make you perfect for one another.


For the last couple years, Jen has played a larger role behind the scenes helping with email communications, planning, and keeping the biz running! While we try and make every wedding work with her schedule, there are times where we get to pull from our team of favorites as second shooters!