You know when you have a vision in your head? And you see it…and it’s beautiful…and perfect in every way? This was our vision. And it couldn’t stay in our heads anymore. So back in August, Brad and I flew to Colorado, and found the Indian Peaks. They were beautiful, rugged, and majestic and we knew that they were the perfect backdrop to our vision.

We teamed up with a select few creatives.. People we’ve admired for a long time now…to give creative freedom, and an outlet for everyone involved to dare to create something great.

The whole shoot was centered around mountains. Daring, risky, jagged, imperfect…but so majestic and beautiful. Everything about the shoot reflected just that….blackberries in the boutonnière, a horn to hold the bouquet that was full of cacti, and wildflowers crafted into a crown, and jewelry made of bronze, metal, and stones.

What you can’t see, however, is that when we arrived at the base of the two mile trek, the rain and hail showed up…and it wasn’t going anywhere. We thought this dream and vision was getting thrown to the gutter… there was no back up. We finally got a dry spell just before sundown and it only seemed fitting that we risk everything and hike two miles to shoot for less than 30 minutes. So we did.

Jess hiked two miles in her dress.
Matt hiked in dress shoes.
We dodged hail. We dodged rain.
Shot for *maybe* 20 minutes and walked back in the middle of bear and cougar territory in the dark.

We were scared shitless…but we made it…and every bit of it was worth it.

Our hope with all of this was to show those who love nature and the outdoors…that anything is possible. We were made to conquer mountains….and although different…the only thing that a ‘wedding’ needs is two people in love….and a place to remind them how great and lucky they are to have found one another.

Photos: Q Avenue Photo  | Florals: Lalé Florals  |  Jess’ Dress: Sarah Seven Design from a&bé bridal shop  |  Matt’s Getup: Salvaged from Goodwill  |  Jewelry:  Christina Nicole  |  HMUA:  Jessica Eden


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  1. You guys <3 <3 <3 this is INCREDIBLE. I am swooning over these images. They are so so so lovely.


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