we’ve traveled from coast to coast this year (and back again). it’s been amazing and we consider ourselves blessed to have seen so many wonderful places.  and as you can imagine, we have more images to share than we can comprehend. but we had to start somewhere, and we thought what better than the east coast.

you can’t take a bad picture in Charleston. everything is clean, neat, and colored with light pastels. the local wardrobe even matches the buildings. it’s like an entire town of Jamie Claytons.  and we loved it.  if you’ve never been, go. there’s so much history. walk King St, paddle through Cypress Gardens, slurp oysters at Pearlz, sip afternoon beers at Five Loaves,  eat dinner at Ru De Jean, skim board at Folly Beach, shop the farmer’s market, and snap pictures along the battery.


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  1. Swoon! Oh my goodness gracious, Charleston is by far my favorite city and these photos are just spectacular. Love your work, as always – especially when capturing the place that calls out to my heart!!!!!


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