butchers in europe (part II)

It’s been so amazing and encouraging listening to all of those who have been inspired and moved by our words and our images. We hope you enjoy the last half of these stories! Just a fair warning – it’s lengthy and you might be here for a while :)

If you missed PART I, you can see it here: Butchers in Europe (part 1).

Geneva, Switerland > Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland > Venice, Italy > Florence, Italy > Cinque Terra, Italy


 Destination Wedding Photographers
 We had such as amazing time at the top of the schilthorn in switzerland! we had breakfast at the top of the mountain, and went paragliding in murren, switzerland later that day. Switzerland would be the perfect place for a wedding! We also traveled to Florence, Italy which was breathtaking; went for a hike in Cinque Terre Italy; had pizza, wine, more gelato, and rode a gondola in Venice, Italy; and left for home from Milan, Italy. It was the trip of a lifetime!

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  1. Kristyn-
    Such a hard question! Switzerland as a whole, was at the top of the list. You definitely HAVE to go paragliding next time. Also loved Barcelona & the French countryside!

  2. So I need to know…after all those places, which was your favorite?!?!

    And thank you for giving me another reason to have to go back to Switzerland. I’m jealous that you jumped off a mountain & I didn’t. I refuse to die jealous :)

  3. I always say pictures of people eating aren’t flattering. But you guys look good, and you make the food look even better. Thanks for sharing Europe.


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