The Experience

More than just pretty photos


You’re still here, which could only mean one thing,

you saw something different.

Not just how pretty the flowers are, but the raw moments when you saw your dad cry for the first time in years.

You care about having timeless, artistic images that capture your day…and if it rains…and if the electricity goes out then you’ll build a fire and light some candles.

We think it's great that you care... because we want you to! We don't want you to book us because we're local or offered the best package. We simply want you to have the best experience ever, and we offer it.

You saw stories that you connected with. Honest photos that made you feel something…and while you’ve seen other photographers' work, this time you felt something real. You don’t want traditional or posey…you want relaxed and intentional..or as we like to call it ‘honest and unfussy’.

You think having a married couple shoot your wedding is pretty damn awesome and if every guest at your wedding thought you were friends with your photographers that would be even awesome-er. Because you’ll be relaxed in front the camera knowing that everything is being captured.

Present Over Perfect

our approach

The best gift we can give you is the ability to be fully present on your wedding day.

And what a gift that would be? To trust that your photographer knows your story, your good side, the moments that mean the most to you.

Our approach is simple - we connect with our couples, we build trust through relationship, we learn their stories, and we document your love in a unique and truthful way.

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Why do you get to know your couples?


We're not very great at having our pictures taken - how can you help?

We believe the best photos are created within the context of a story - your story! We take the time to understand who you and your partner are and your journey towards falling in love so that we can make images that represent YOU! Your good sides, the way you hide your head in his chest, and all unique ways that make you perfect for one another.

Nearly every couple shares this worry before their session and we always end up having a great time. It's our job to make you feel like yourselves and we have a decade of experience to do just that! We will give you all the guidance you need as a unique couple and the space to reflect when you need it most.

Raw, Honest, Unfussy

Raw, Honest, Unfussy

a personal approach to wedding photography

How It Works

a quick glimpse at our timeline together

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Wedding Day

Engagement Session


It's time to select your favorite moments for print! Whether you prefer looking through the moments in an album, passing them every day in the halls, flipping through them one at a time in a print box, or a combination of all three - we'll help you find the perfect heirlooms to start building your legacy.

It's finally here! We'll be there to capture it all so that you can be present, squeeze your people, and soak in the fact that you're getting married! No need to worry about "what to do" during photos -- you two just get to be yourselves today and we'll guide you as needed.

Let's hang! Having an engagement session is such a great way to get to know each other, get used to being in front of a camera before the wedding, and a way to capture precious images of yourselves in your "everyday" attire. This is such a special time to slow down and connect in the midst of all the planning!

It's so important to have a connection with your photographer. Once you've submitted an inquiry on our contact form, Jen will reach out to schedule a quick call so we can get to know each other more! If we both feel it's a good fit, all we'll need to reserve your date is a signed contract & retainer

Our Couples Call Us...

"A calming presence"

"Extended family"

"The best photographers ever"

"Thoughtful & intuitive"

"The real deal"

"Warm & good hearted"


"Professional & extremely efficient"

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- Evan & Elyse

Kind Words

Nashville, Tennessee

"So let me tell you first about Brad + Jen the photographers: They are artists. They captured the emotion, the moments, the memories, the reactions, the intimacy of our wedding in the most beautiful images. It's the best investment we made, and I relive our day through those photos - and will forever. You can see the vision, the quality, the perfection of their photography on their website - my words don't do it justice.

But let me tell you about Brad + Jen the couple, the people. They are real, bold and thoughtful. They are enlightening and kind. We truly enjoyed them at our wedding, and many guests (including my father) have raved about how cool and amazing they were. They are also an experience, if that makes sense. The entire year leading up to our wedding, from engagement photos on, they left us with surprises and words that really made us think about the journey ahead. (I won't go into detail, because then they won't be surprises for you!)

They made our wedding so much more special than I could have ever imagine. And we'll have the memories of them, and our breathtaking images, forever."