• Fall Cedarwood Wedding – Nashville, TN – Kara & PJ

    Kara & PJ are some of the most warm, kind, and welcoming people.  We were so blown away at their ability to sit back and sink into the moments of their day at Cedarwood Weddings with a care free and joyful nature.  Watching anyone do this is such a gift, but to capturing two hearts completely give themselves over to all the joy of their wedding day is truly what we love about this job.

    From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Kara & PJ! We loved this day so, so much!!

    Forever grateful for the Cedarwood Weddings team for creating such a beautiful backdrop for this day, Designs in Paper for nailing the paper goods, Chef Christopher filling our bellies with top notch food, and Cardboard Films for always being the most kind and intuitive video team.

  • Ruby Wedding – Nashville, TN – Jay & Sarah

    Our hearts are still processing and unpacking all of the incredible moments and messages woven throughout Jay & Sarah’s Ruby wedding in Nashville, TN.

    The incredible amount of work, growth, vulnerability, and trust that exists in their relationship; the undeniable characteristics that were continually echoed by family & friends as they shared about Jay & Sarah’s impact on their lives — their kind & welcoming nature, their ability to create a safe space for others, their willingness to step into the hard & messy parts of life with vulnerability & grace, and of course, Sarah’s love of ice cream; and most profoundly, the way that they’ve allowed the reality and inevitability of death to impact their lives in a such a way that causes them to live more awake, here & now.

    Listen to some of their vows they wrote for one another:

    “I promise to honor your emotions, cherish your sensitivity, and meet your vulnerabilities with loving-kindness.

    I will remain committed to our mutual flourishing, supporting you as you continue to grow, learn, evolve, and change.

    And allowing myself the space to do the same.

    I promise to be your partner and walk this sacred, hard, and holy path together, until the way we die.”

    One of our favorite moments of the day — During the speeches at Ruby Nashville, as Jay & Sarah were thanking everyone, they paused – they looked around and we visibly watched them take time to look at the face of every individual there. And then Sarah brought the weight of the moment home by saying, “when we were planning, we realized that the only other time that all of these people will be in the same room is at one of our funerals.”

    It’s not often that we’ve seen death weave itself into the heart of a wedding, in fact that feels weird to write, but the beauty with which these two soberly approach their love, relationship, and life through the lens of the inevitable is a needed reality and we were so grateful to have gleaned from the wisdom these two shared with their community through their relationship.

    From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Jay & Sarah.

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