Hi! We’re Brad and Jen, husband and wife wedding photographers based in Nashville, Tennessee.  We found each other in a film class and fell in love over a bag of popcorn.

Hi! We’re Brad and Jen, husband and wife wedding photographers based in Nashville, Tennessee. We found each other in a film class and fell in love over a bag of popcorn.

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We met in 2009. We were in a film class that explored the question, “What is the good life?” Most days we forget that our relationship began asking such a daunting question, but when we awaken ourselves to our past, that part of our story overwhelms us with thankfulness.

Over the last 10 years (whether we knew it or not) we pursued this question. We failed, we succeeded, we took really big risks, we fought, laughed, cried and in our short 10 years together found that the answer didn’t lie in any destination… but in the process – the process of growing, learning, and finding joy in the small moments.

I suppose that’s why we’re here now.

This really happy accident of becoming photographers emerged from fiercely chasing after “the good life” and finding it right in front of us.

In the people we meet.
In the stories we’re welcomed into.
In the moments witnessed and experienced.

This is the heart behind what we do. To create images that show it all. Our humanness in split seconds.

10 Quick Facts About Us
We knew we were going to marry each other before we said the words, “I love you”
We welcomed our first born, Noah, in 2017 and he is the BEST
Pour over coffee wakes us up every morning
The best meal we’ve ever eaten was in an obscure alley in Barcelona, Spain
We love our families, time outdoors, sleeping in, and people-watching at airports
We’re not big on TV, but we loved Friday Night Lights... and The Office
Music plays almost every hour of the day in our home
We believe in no-phone date nights, bold wine, and strong margaritas
We have an unhealthy obsession with San Francisco's Tartine Bakery
Our favorite trip took place in the fall of 2014 spending 10 days exploring the coast of Maine
  • Meet Brad

    One of the kindest, most genuine people I know–he doesn’t know a stranger. Brad is a northern boy with a love for the outdoors, a knack for finding new music, and a risk-taker at heart who tends to talk me into new and wild adventures like paragliding in the Swiss Alps.

    The way he loves others is nothing short of inspiring to anyone who knows him. He’s always seeking a way to see the world differently through the lens.

    If Brad had a free Saturday, he would wake up with a pour over and spin a record from our growing collection (thanks VMP). Then he’d grab a Wendell Berry novel and hammock and spend the afternoon in the park before dinner and bourbon (neat) at Rolf & Daughters with a few close friends.

  • Meet Jen

    Someday our kids will wake up to a stack of her journals, and the stories upon stories of her life will unfold into this beautiful mess of love, laughter, challenges, and victories.

    Jen documents everything. Our home is full of new and old journals that bleed ink and shed paper. They’re full of her life’s thoughts, her ideas for raising our son, future paintings, dreams for new adventures across the world, what recipes she loves at the time (thank you Sprouted Kitchen), and how our couples inspire her marriage.

    Jen is incredibly strong and wise and I love gleaning from her wisdom.

    If Jen had a free Saturday, she would wake up with a pour over, a tasty brunch and good book, followed by an afternoon of kayaking and hanging with friends the backyard under bulb lights.

3 Things that make us feel alive
  • Travel
    Space To Reflect

    We have a thirst for adventure and love experiencing new places and people together. Travel gives us distance from our lives and allows us to return to our home and our people full of life and experiences.

  • Connection
    How We're Wired

    Beyond our faith and our marriage, our hearts are wired to connect with others. Our community here in Nashville is a huge part of who we are and we are continually thankful for the soul connections with friends and couples alike we’ve built over the last 7 years.

  • Inspiration
    What Drives Us

    In the beginning of 2016 we made a deal to start reading more books, playing chess, spending more time outdoors, or watching documentaries and discussing ideas together. Where we used to expend energy scrolling social feeds and binging Netflix, we started practicing life-giving hobbies and it’s fueled our creative and emotional lives 10 fold.

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