• Smoky Mountain Wedding at Spence Cabin

    So honored to share a handful of images from Emily & Lucas’ intimate Smoky Mountain Wedding at Spence Cabin!  Jen and I had so much fun with these two and were so inspired by their adventurous spirits and intentionality.

    While there were many moments from this day we’ll cherish, we’ll never forget the overflowing joy these two expressed during their sunset images….almost as if all the love and celebration caught up with them in a single moment. Emily’s laugh, Lucas’ contagious smile, and the bounce in their step all culminated into an unforgettable ending to an unforgettable day.

    We hope you love the images as much as we do!

  • Knoxville Wedding at Marblegate Farms

    I vividly remember where I was the first time I spoke with Kristen — standing in the parking lot of a local bakery I began excitedly pacing around as we shared stories, smiling from ear to ear, and feeling so overwhelmed with the way God weaves people together.  I had called Kristen to talk about her wedding, but I hung up feeling like the entire conversation was for my own heart.

    Kristen has a joy that fills up whatever space she’s in – her stories are a reflection of the Truth she so confidently walks in and no matter how little time you spend with her, you leave feeling more full…more grounded.

    After an hour on the phone our conversation ended with me telling Brad (without a shadow of doubt), “We are meant to tell this story.”

    Over the next several months we continued getting to know Kristen & Kyle and discovered that the overflowing joy that was shared through Kristen was found in Kyle too….and together… you just kind of feel like you’re hanging out with two of the most thoughtful, intentional people that were ever created.

    Their love for God, for one another, for their families and for their friends poured out in every second of this day.  I know images won’t do full justice to their character, but we trust that they’ll give you a very small glimpse of what it felt like to witness two people who leaned on hope and trust and found a profound love that impacts hearts everywhere.

    This is their day.