• Rainy Highlands North Carolina Wedding

    We’ve been so excited to share images from this beautiful, rainy, Highlands, North Carolina wedding. We woke up in the Highlands, opened the shade and almost jumped out of our skin when we saw the thick fog that settled in this quaint mountain town – certainly not the type of weather you’d expect to see for a fall wedding, but what a welcomed surprise.

    In the days leading up to Michaella & Zac’s wedding, every single weather app was in agreement –  100% chance of rain. You’d think with plans for an outdoor wedding that might add some worry, but not with these two.

    While scouting locations that morning we found ourselves on top of Sunset Rock wrapped in fog and knew we had to set up the first look here. Without surprise, Michaella and Zac responded with such joy knowing full well that it meant standing in the rain, dampening fresh hair, dirtying a clean dress, and and kicking mud on their shoes… all before the ceremony.

    These two embraced and welcomed every drop of rain and every mud puddle and never for one second doubted the beauty that became their wedding day. And if it couldn’t get any better… their people embraced it all the same. Endless umbrellas, navigating a flooding backyard, celebrating, and dancing in the rain.

    This day was an embodiment of love, community, and celebration. It was ditching creature comforts and leaning into the present, it was allowing the unexpected to flow over every minute of the day, and to truly embrace what it meant to stand beside someone on a day that will never happen again and say, “I do, forever.”

    Michaella and Zac, you two and an inspiration. Keep your fire burning friends.

  • Cozy Illinois Fall Wedding

    Historic Bell Hill took us by complete surprise. This beautiful wedding venue was nestled atop Cobden, Illinois looking over rolling hills as far as our eyes could see. We’ve been fortunate to travel near and far for weddings and we continually find ourselves grateful to visit and explore places we’d never know to consider.

    And of course, Kailey & Robert just continued to win our hearts over the more leaned into their story and relationship. We were so inspired by the relaxed and welcomed setting they created to celebrate their love. They followed their hearts, skipped on some of the “have-to” traditions, and hosted a wedding that was rich in celebration, happy tears, and an authentic expression of themselves.

    It was a gift to witness.